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OpenCart Extension for Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway

OpenCart Extension for Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway
Price: $75.00
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If you have a merchant account with Chase Paymentech then you can accept credit card on your OpenCart website using our extension for Orbital Payment Gateway. This extension integrates Chase merchant services with your OpenCart store in few minutes. Chase Paymentech merchant processing allow you to collect credit cards payments on your website. More information about Chase Paymentech merchant services can be found here:



Please note:

This extention uses "Connection Username/Password" Authentication

And is designed for Orbital Gateway Web Services (SOAP)

When signing up with Chase Paymentech, you might need to tell them about your integration method. Please use Authentication as Connection Username/Password and Integration/Interface options: Orbital Gateway Web Services (SOAP).


Chase Paymentech requires to complete test cases for each merchant. You must complete those test cases and submit to chase paymentech before start accepting payments. We can complete this test cases for you using your test account for additional charge of $150.00



License Type: Single site license + Development site

Delivery Method: eDownload only. Once your payment is approved you will receive download link.




  • Accepting payment using Chase Paymentech Orbital Payment Gateway from your OpenCart store is easy.
  • Ability to do testing
  • Easy installation
  • Our very quick and responsive support and expertise in OpenCart. We take every step to ensure that your store is able to accept online payment using this extension.


Refund Policy


We will refund your money if the extension does not work as intended. Please contact us within 14 days of your purchase. We will try to troubleshoot the problem because many times its a minor technical issue and easily resolvable. But if we are unable to resolve then we will refund your money.


There will be no refund:


  1. If you bought this extension and cancelled your merchant account with chase,
  2. You switched your service from chase merchant services to some other company or no longer using chase merchant services,
  3. You do not provide us the opportunity to resolve the error.



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