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Moneris Payment Gateway for Magento

Moneris Payment Gateway for Magento
Price: $75.00
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Moneris eSelect Payment Gateway module integrate Moneris gateway interface with your Magento store. Moneris allow you to collect credit cards payments.


This extension is designed using Moneris eSelect gateway to allow magento store to accept payment using Moneris merchant services. Customer stays on your site checkout page to enter payment details.


License Type: Single site license + Development site


Delivery Method: eDownload only. Once your payment is approved you will receive download link.



  • Now accepting payment using Moneris eSelect Payment Gateway from your Magento store is easy.
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with following magento community editions: 1.4+, 1.5+, 1.6+, 1.7+, 1.8.0, 1.8.1


Module installation is very simple. After installation configure it on the System->Configuration->Payments methods page in admin area.
Following information is required -
  1. Moneris Gateway account
  2. cURL is required and MUST be compiled into PHP with SSL support (all major webhosting companies are equipped with this but check with your hosting company).

Refund Policy

We will refund your money if the extension does not work as intended. Please contact us within 14 days of your purchase. We will try to troubleshoot the problem because many times its a minor technical issue and easily resolvable. But if we are unable to resolve then we will refund your money.


There will be no refund:


  1. If you bought this extension and Moneris or its associates cancelled or did not approve your account.
  2. You switched your service from Moneris gateway to some other company or no longer using Moneris
  3. You do not provide us the opportunity to resolve the error.
  4. Your magento version is not compatible with extension requirement but you still purchased. Please see current supported magento versions.


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